The biggest Isetta of the world

Bluebird-Balloons - The biggest inflatable Isetta of the World
If you’re going to do it, do it right!

That’s what our customer thought when he gave us the order to build the biggest inflatable Isetta of the world. The dimensions of this Isetta were: approx. 7 metres long and approx. 4.5 metres high. But this assignment was not an easy one. Our customer, a dyed-in-the-wool- fan, a connoisseur and collector of many different types of Isettas, showered us with an endless number of photographs and just  as many requests for details and changes. But in the end, everyone was enthusiastic about the result. A first-rate inflatable product replica. Due to many conversations the contact to our customer became very close so that the executive manager personally handed over the Isetta personally. On that occasion Mr. van Baal could get an idea of the customer’s awesome collection. Furthermore he seized the chance to travel to Weiterstadt once again to attend a big Iseatta-convention and to take the picture shown here personally As you can see in the photograph our customer, standing in front of the Isetta, seemed to be very satisfied.


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