Helium – Balloon Gas

Bluebird-Balloons - Helium / Balloon-gas
“Fuel” for your balloon

Of course we supply you with helium.
Delivery areas: Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium.

24-hour service

You require helium on short notice?
Please enquire about our delivery service within 24 hours.

Scope of delivery

Delivery: We deliver the helium bottles to the place you request and, of course, collect them from there.
Filling equipment: We lend you the necessary filling equipment inclusive of filling instructions.
Lending period: The maximum no-cost lending period of the filling equipment is 14 days.

Bluebird-Balloons - Helium / Balloon-gas

Size of bottles

50-litre standard bottle (H50 – Helium 4.6)
Capacity: approx. 9.1 m³ helium
Filling pressure: approx. 200 bar
Material: steel
Height: approx. 165 cm
Diameter: approx. 23 cm
Weight: approx. 65 kg

Our prices

Helium is a natural product – its price depends on the supply rate as well as the market price based on demand and supply. Please ask for our current price.