The garbageman

How to create an inflatable …

If you wonder how an/your inflatable mascot / product replica gets created, you will find the answer right here. The process is simpler than you might expect. By means of our 4-metre garbageman we would like to explain the usual steps to a inflatble mascot / 3D company logo

In the present case we received the following pictures of a small puppet from our customer. That is how the inflatable was to look like. Especially important to our customer was the casually placed cap on the head of the puppet.


Garbageman - Front view

Garbageman - Back view

Garbageman - Cap


Bluebird-Balloons - inflatable mascot / logo - garbageman - diagramVision and feasibility

Vision and feasibiliy are not always easy to carry out. A solid object (puppet, sculpture or free drawing) and an inflatable object are usually two totally different things due to technical difficulties. Therefore we usually start with a production drawing in due consideration of technical feasibility while sticking to the original vision of our customer as closely as possible. As we usually manufacture custom-made items, each order poses a challenge for us we love to accept.

The result

For our customer we produced the following inflatable. Did we succeed and was our customer satisfied? You judge!


Bluebird-Balloons - inflatable mascot / logo - garbageman - front view

Bluebird-Balloons - inflatable mascot / logo - garbageman - back view

Bluebird-Balloons - inflatable mascot / logo - garbageman - cap


By the way:

One of those likeable puppets, roughly 33 cm big, hand-sewn and exclusive, is exhibited in a glass cabinet of our office. Of course, we were happy to receive it as a nice gift from our customer.

For this order, we would like to thank:

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