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The square of the circle

All inflatable objects have naturally got a regularly round shape – optimal pressure distribution with maximum surface area. Variations can be obtained by shrinking of the material or modified cutting. There could turn up problems if there was the wish for a plain surface. Manufacturing a totally plain surface is technically impossible with inflatable objects. Using the example of the inflatable cube / dice we would like to show you the way to a nearly plain surface. The secret is an elaborated and rather complicated cording inside the trade fair balloon. Simply said: The originally round advertising balloon is tugged into a plain shape by inner cording. That is the reason why all inflatable plain surfaces have got a hill-and-dale pattern similar to the well-known Chesterfield seating furniture. If that surface pattern is expressly required we speak of a “single-layer”. But often that clear structure shall be softened. Therefore a second layer of material is put over the single-layer. The result is called a “double layer” then. Additionally the user can accentuate or reduce the visibleness of the basic structure by filling in more or less air or helium. Technically seen a cube / dice and a balloon react in a similar way. However, a cube is always heavier than a “normal” trade show balloon (cording, more material). If a helium-filled cube is expected to fly it needs to hold more helium – be bigger than a “normal” balloon. The visual effect of a cube is open to dispute, but there is no accounting for its advertising effect. Special shape and rarity (fewer than 5 per cent of all the advertising balloons are cube-shaped) make the cube much more promotionally effective than the standard balloon. The shown cube is a single-layer.


Side view of the Cube

Bluebird-Balloons - Cube / Dice - Side view 1/4

Bluebird-Balloons - Cube / Dice - Side view 2/4

Bluebird-Balloons - Cube / Dice - Side view 3/4

Bluebird-Balloons - Cube / Dice - Side view 4/4

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