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The psychological power of advertising media

Trade fair balloons are of particular importance. Almost everybody connects the image of balloons with positive feelings and thoughts, e.g. of childhood. Balloons themselves are bearers of sympathy.

Because of stimulus satiation in our modern age a simple balloon itself is not able to fulfil the tasks of an advertising medium. Today’s customers expect something more. They wish to be astonished. Since a trade fair is a brief and hectic event, an efficient trade fair balloon has to be a real eyecatcher.

Our special area of expertise is the creation of custom-made and extraordinary advertising balloons. We love to create something special, to realise an item which has never existed before to attract a maximum of positive attention to YOUR business! Let us give you an example:

Bluebird-Balloons - Trade show balloon - Coffee-Globe

The basic idea was to show the most important production areas of coffee on a historic world map. The high-flying trade show balloon marks the booth even from a distance and attracts people from far away. The execution: the inside of the “Coffee-Globe” balloon shown here has a fixture for illumination; a light source can be connected within minutes. Additionally it is possible to make the balloon rotate slowly by means of a simple electric motor. Light spots would enhance the eye-catching effect.

The pictures show the impressing “Coffee-Globe” used at the “eat’n STYLE” fair in Cologne. We received a lot of positive feedback from the visitors to that fair and that has encouraged us to turn further creative and exciting ideas into practice! Which kind of trade fair balloon may WE create for YOU?


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