Trade fair balloons – The Most Likeable Advertising Media At All

Up to 10 m in diameter, with or without illumination, air- or heliumballoon, indoor or outdoor. Visible from many miles away depending on the size of the balloon. Of course with your company’s logo or as a motifballoon / fantasy-balloon or infoballoon with attached advertising banner. We deliver every advertising balloon ready-to-use. Just fill in air or helium. Successful advertising? Certainly! Which advertising idea do you want us to realise?

Subsequently some examples


Bluebird-Balloons - Trade fair balloons / Helium balloons

Bluebird-Balloons - Infoballoon / Signpost balloons

Trade fair balloon / Helium balloon / Inflatable advertising

Bluebird-Balloons - Helium balloon / Fantasy balloon


Bluebird-Balloons - Movie balloon - Inflatable Moon

Bluebird-Balloons - Inflatable advertising / Trade fair balloon with lighting system

Trade fair balloon / Event balloon

Bluebird-Balloons - Motif balloon / Crowdball - Football


Trade fair balloon / Advertising media

Trade show balloon / Helium balloon

Inflatable Advertisement / Large trade fair balloon with lighting system

Bluebird-Balloons - Trade fair balloon / Motif balloon / Helium balloon


Infoballoon / Trade fair balloon / Rabobank

Trade fair balloon / Balloon with lighting system

Trade show balloon / Helium balloon

Advertising media / Helium balloon