6-Metre Bull

6-Metre bull


Masterly achievement

We created this bull for a major customer. The well-known bull (Bull and Bear) of the Frankfurt stock exchange was our model. The execution displayed here has a considerable length of 6 metres and is about 3.1 metres high. The sides are intended to be used as advertising media. The helium version can carry an appropriate banner. The bull we created has many functions. Filled with air it can be used freestanding. Filled with helium it can be used as an oversized and very impressing balloon. Even an inflatable version is possible. Inside, there are strandings, knotted by hand; the attachment points are reinforced additionally. The helium version of the bull can even withstand strong winds.The excellent microstructure – in particular the head-part – is especially noteworthy.


You can choose from 15 different colours for your (special shape)balloon.
Make your choice from the colours mentioned below and additionally from white, transparent, silver and gold.

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