10-Metre Heart

Bluebird-Balloons - Our 10-Metre heart for Amsterdam
Our 10-Metre Heart for Amsterdam

– An inflatable advertising medium of colossal dimensions

Our blow-up heart – here as the inflatable version – with an impressing height of almost 10 metres was created for the Science Center NEMO located in Amsterdam. As far as we know it is the biggest blow-up heart in the world at present. It was our customer’s idea to install this heart on the roof of the giant, ship-like building as an attraction of the annual “Night of the Museums”. As a specialty, the heart could not only be illuminated but the visitors to the Science Center NEMO also had the possibility to make the heart beat in time to their own pulses. Heartbeats in the true sense of the word! Everybody who knows the special location of the Science Center NEMO – or just googles it – can easily understand the overwhelming impression this installation made on every observer. More than 7300 visitors to the Science Center NEMO and huge numbers of observers in all of Amsterdam were excited with all their hearts that night.

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